About Us

The average American consumer is exposed to somewhere between 275 to 3,000 advertising or brand messages a day. It seems like every time you turn around there are new technologies, mediums, products, television shows, videogames, books, magazines and more competing for that vital piece of attention. It’s no secret then, when vying for that bit of consumer awareness, advertisers face far more challenges today than at any other time in marketing history.

While no doubt a lot has changed over the years, one constant remains, producing and implementing unique ideas that can propel your company beyond your competition. Even in the face of such overwhelming odds.

At Strategic Communications, we develop integrated marketing solutions that are not purely based upon our gut, but more importantly, upon what your customers have come to demand. Your customers are your single most reliable source in deciding which direction those strategies should take. Combined with our expertise and our penchant for the unusual, we embark on a journey that sail solutions long past the merely ordinary. Beyond that, we work diligently in finding the most creative and cost-effective way to deliver those messages. With over 25 years experience working with retail, consumer and business-to-business companies, Strategic Communications has developed brand strategies across the spectrum, that successfully deliver uncommon solutions to common concerns.